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CRANE is a European Pre-Commercial Procurement project that seeks to maximize the potential of data to target a wide-ranging treatment of chronic diseases in the rural areas.

The return will be improved life quality of chronic patients and optimised health and care resources. To reach the objectives the DATA for GOOD foundation will present ‘DATA for CARE’ as a platform. DATA for CARE is a new technological solution that aspires to revolutionise the traditional way of generating, storing and accessing personal data within the health care sector. DATA for CARE is built on the DATA for GOOD platform.

DATA for CARE aspires to be the solution for an integrated self-management model that will improve chronic patient's wellbeing based on individual data control. In other words, with our solution it will become possible for patients to share their health data between different health and care providers.

In addition to DATA for GOOD, the DATA for CARE consortium consists of:

Tech4CareCardiolyseMeteda SRL and Partisia.

DATA for GOOD is currently in Phase 2 Prototype Development of the CRANE  project.

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CareMatrix is a European Pre-Commercial Procurement project for integrated care solutions designed to challenge the health market to develop innovative technology for People with Multimorbidity (PMM). Multimorbidity is also known as multiple long-term conditions (MLTC) meaning living with two or more chronic illnesses.

The project consortium is made up of seven project partners from four European countries.

The aim of the CareMatrix consortium is to stimulate the care approach and give care providers technology solutions to better communicate and coordinate patient care, proactively supporting PMM - to address both their health and social care needs related to their family and home conditions.

Mic Check is a new technological solution design DATA for GOOD, MiThings, Vademecum and Tech4Care are presenting for the CareMatrix project. It is aimed to improve the way that People with Multimorbidity (PMM) experience their care in the health sector.

The ambition with MicCheck is to place PMM themselves and their data at the core of the system to fill the gap between silo-based single diagnosis/treatment tracks and those occurring in carers’ transitions. This will be possible by using new blockchain and cloud-based technologies for data generation, ownership, sharing, and management.

One of the four components of MicCheck is an integration, interoperability and data security layer, that is created by blockchain and multiparty computation (MPC) solutions. It is built on the DATA for GOOD platform. Personal data will be safe and ethically treated, accessible to their owners and processors.

Another component is an application for citizens to improve self-management and will include informed consent, a personal health data space, shares care plan and more.

The third component is developing an application for professionals in which they among other things can visualize patient health data and access anonymous health data if consent has been granted.

The last component is an application for caregivers.

Phase Two of the Carematrix project kicked off in October 2023, and DATA for GOOD, miThings, Vademecum and Tech4Care once again will work hard on the Mic Check solution to improve the way PMM are treated in the health sector.

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The objective of the HEDAX project was to optimise the use of health data for the benefit of individuals, society and research.

With the use of a new IT infrastructure it is become possible to exchange health data through individualised consent, while still being GDPR compliant, thus giving the user the control of their own health data.The overall objective for HedaX is to optimise the use of the Danish health data in combination with patient-generated health-related data for the benefit of society, businesses, research and the individual citizens. The HedaX project improves personalised medicine through the use of new health data sources and contributes scientifically in the fields of cancer treatment and bipolar disorder.

Innovation Fund Denmark funded the project with 15,8 million DKK.

The focus has primarily been on applied cryptography, health economics and behavioural economics. The DATA for GOOD platform was used to collect data from cancer patients.

The project ended in December 2022.

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The Blockdap project sought develop a blockchain infrastructure solution for the protection of confidential data in data exchange, thereby creating a marketplace for health data.

The purpose of the project was to create a virtual data lake with relevance to health, including individual health data and behavioural data, which would be able to be shared for commercial and non-commercial purposes. The virtual data lakes could, for example, consist of data from: public, open registers, e.g. economic data, national statistics; private personal data, e.g. health data, data from medical devices, data from mobile phones, shopping data; The CPR register and so on.

The target group for the project was the healthcare sector and related industries with personal data regulated under the GDPR. The wider target group was companies with corporate data that were not regulated by the GDPR, but might have similar confidentiality requirements for competition and for security reasons.

The project uncovered strengths and weaknesses in the use of blockchain and SMC in regards to making the protection of confidential information a major export product for Denmark and an important competitive parameter in the data-driven economy.

The project was funded with 6,83 million DKK and ended in 2021.

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